Riverfront Times Covers Calvert's Role in Marijuana Reform Bill

The St. Louis Riverfront Times mentions the legal analysis performed by Winston Calvert in the marijuana reforms in St. Louis City: 

Still, the legality of the measure is unclear, particularly if state legislators decide to intervene (as they are wont to do). Green contends the bill was carefully crafted and based on similar measures successfully implemented in Washington, D.C., and Portland, Maine. Green also provided RFT with a four-page legal analysis of the bill authored by attorney Dave Roland, former St. Louis City Counselor Winston Calvert and former Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court Michael Wolff. 

If the bill were challenged by legislators, the analysis notes, "Such an effort would raise the question of whether the state has the authority to obligate cities to direct their local resources in a manner that the city has chosen not to do." 

The authors write, "We cannot assess how likely such a challenge might be, but we feel confident that courts would uphold the Ordinance."